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Our Insulation Solutions


Attic Insulations

The greatest heat loss in your home is from the attic. Simply topping up your existing insulation with new fireproof cellulose to a R60 value will reduce energy costs by 15-50% on your cooling/heating bill.

For maximum energy savings and overall home comfort, attics may be sealed with 1-2” of spray foam to avoid any air leaks prior to being topped up with blown-in cellulose.


In most cases, spray foam insulation requires a thermal barrier such as drywall. In places where drywall cannot be used, a layer of fireproofing material is applied to meet all building codes.



Applying just 3” of spray foam insulation directly to the wall will decrease heat transfer by 90%. Traditional insulation such as fiberglass isn’t comparable; it deteriorates over time leaving uninsulated areas in your walls. As well, the expansion and adhesion qualities of spray foam insulation ensures that insects and rodents remain where they belong — outside.

Basement / Rim Joists

Properly insulating your basement and rim joists is another area where you can reduce heating and cooling costs. The recommended method is a 3” application of spray foam to seal all airflow, greatly increasing the R-value and improving overall home comfort.

It is important when finishing your basement that it be correctly insulated or you may create the perfect environment for mildew which can be dangerous to your health. Over time, poorly insulated basements trap moisture that over-saturates batt insulation. This diminishes the R-value to nearly zero, and creates the perfect conditions for mould and rot.

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